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Bat Houses for Sale

Inspired by Andrew Emlen's spring program on bats, the Lower Columbia College Biological Society is selling a limited number of single-chamber bat houses as a fundraiser.  These houses have been assembled by students using outdoor-grade plywood and furring strips following the specifications provided by Bat Conservation International (BCI) for the Pacific Northwest climate (i.e., they have been painted black and do not have a ventilation gap; see photos below).  Each house measures approximately 27.5" H X 24" W X 1.75" D (70 cm H X 61 cm W X 4 cm D), with the roost chamber being .75" (18 mm) deep.

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Be Careful! Don't mess with some birds

The University of Florida discovered some interesting bird habits. Mockingbirds may look pretty much alike to people, but they can tell us apart and are quick to react to folks they don't like. Check out the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) article or this msnbc website for more information.