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Sandhill Crane (WDFW Image)


Bald Eagle Released at Willow Grove Park

Injured Bald Eagle Released

On September 20th Audubon Society of Portland’s wildlife rehab clinic released a male adult Bald Eagle at noon at Willow Grove Park.

The injured eagle had been picked up in the Abernathy Creek watershed suffering from lead poisoning caused by ingesting dead animals that had been shot. Vets repaired broken tail feathers using feathers from four other eagles in a process called “imping.”

About 20 people were able to watch the release, despite short notice. Several WHAS people attended, including Tom Finn, Bob Reistroffer and Darrel Whipple.

Cowlitz County Bird List's June update

The year is at the half way point and all the breeding migrants have arrived, so this is a good time to see where we stand. I did a quick check of the 2012 list at the end of June and we have one more species on this years count. Amazing how similar that number is from year to year. Additions will be really slow for the remainder of the year, but they will mostly be species seen less than annually in the county.

Check out he updated list here.

Red-breasted Sapsucker has found his instrument

One of Darrel Whipple's resident Red-breasted Sapsuckers has found his instrument! Every day he hammers out his signature rhythmic cadence on the top end of a 16-foot aluminum ladder. The irony is Darrel put the ladder up at the corner of the house to keep the Sapsucker from making more holes in the wood siding. The tactic saved the house, but now Darrel is awakened every morning by the resonating ladder.

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Cowlitz County Bird List (January 2013 update)

Russ Koppendrayer just updated the 2013 Cowlitz County Yearlist:

"The 2013 list includes the new taxonomic order which includes the counter-intuitive placement of falcons between woodpeckers and flycatchers. Also you will find some updating of abundance codes, but more needs to be done before next year.

January was launched from the springboard of a record CBC and continued with some good coverage and nice finds in Cowlitz County. We already have identified 114 species for the year."

For more information contact Russ Koppendrayer through our Wildlife Sightings area, where you can find this list (and others) as a pdf file.