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Development of Bradwood LNG Suspended

Today NorthernStar Natural Gas announced that they are suspending development of the Bradwood Landing LNG terminal on the Columbia River!

This is a massive victory for the anti-LNG coalition and all of its members including farmers, fisherpeople, foresters, vintners, conservationists, forest defenders, gas customers, students, river advocates and all the residents of Oregon and Washington who oppose the development of LNG!

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Environmental Lobby Day 2010

Join the state’s leading conservation groups and hundreds of citizen lobbyists to push for the passage of the Environmental Priorities Coalition’s 2010 legislative priorities.

1. The Working for Clean Water bill is about creating jobs, rebuilding our local economies, and cleaning up polluted waterways like Puget Sound and Spokane River.

2. Safe Baby Bottles to protect children’s health and the environment by phasing out the harmful chemical bisphenol A (BPA) from baby bottles, food and beverage cans, and other consumer products.

3. Budget for our Environment to ensure adequate funding for the core environmental protections that make Washington State a healthy place to live.

During Environmental Lobby Day you will hear from legislators that are championing the Environmental Priorities legislation, receive a training on how to lobby from top environmental lobbyists, and meet face-to-face with your elected officials. And don’t forget the party in the evening!

When: Tuesday January 26th, 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Where: United Churches of Olympia, 110th East 11th Ave

Additionally: Unveiling of the

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Acidification of Willapa Bay

"Four years ago wild-oyster fishermen in Washington State began to notice something rather strange going on. In the brackish waters of Willapa Bay, where cold, nutrient-rich water from the deep ocean wells up and nourishes the oysters and their young, larvae were dying at alarming rates."   Check out A Sea Less Hospitable to Life by Molly Webster in NRDC's On Earth Magazine for more information.

8/28/09 Update from WA Dept of Ecology re Bradwood

Last year, several concerned citizens, including John Green and myself, met with Dean Takko, WA State Representative, Jay Manning, and Sally Toteff, from WA Dept of Ecology.  The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) will identify the gaps in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), due in late October.  Additional information is also included on Water Quality Certification, the 9th Circuit Court response and Endangered Species Act Consultation.

In his reply and thank you to Sally Toteff, Brett VandenHeuvel emphasizes the need for the SEPA analysis and a public comment period.

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