Winter 2015 Whistler is online

Click to Download the pdfThe Winter 2015 Whistler is available now.


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  •  Revitalizing WHAS - Invitation to an important board meeting
  •  Annual Lake Sacajawea Walk & Social
  •  Membership Form
  •  Olympic Birdfest, Winter Wings Festival, Great North Central Washington Bird Race
  • Christmas Bird Count details
  • Sharnelle Fee, 1947-2015
  • Highlights of Audubon Council of Washington (ACOW)
  • Conservation Committee Efforts
  • Highlights of WSACC Meeting
  • Crossing Path with Washington’s Wildlife - Birdbaths
  • WHAS Nomination  form
  • Book Review: Fastest Thing On Wings
  • Programs and Fieldtrips 



Upcoming Events

Jun 18;
Board Meeting