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Winter 2021 Whistler is online

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The Winter 2021 Whistler is available now.


Read more of its content: 

  • Free Tree Seedlings from the Carbon Capture Foundation
  • Christmast Bird Counts - All the local info
  • Membership Form
  • NW Birding Events
  • 2022 is a WHAS Election Year
  • More than 350000 swifts roosted in Rainier!
  • Cowlitz Bird Count October update
  • The Grace of Trumpeter Swans 


Common Winter Birds of Western Washington Class

Winter birds of western Washington are amazing. Explore 100 species commonly found in fall and winter. Learn about their shape, size, color patterns, behaviors, habitat, and sounds. The 5-week course taught by Ornithologist Dr. Thomas Bancroft consists of five 90-minute classes held on Zoom. 

Class dates:

  • Thursdays from 7:00 PM-8:30 PM,
  • October 21st, 28th
  • November 4th, 11th, and 18th.

Class recordings are also available.

Fee: $115

More info and registration at Rainier Audubon Society


Fall 2021 Whistler is online

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The Fall 2021 Whistler is available now.


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  • The Wonder of Grief
  • Christmast Bird Counts - Save the dates
  • Membership Form
  • NW Birding Events
  • Report on Audubon State meeting
  • Bird Flight Patterns and Music
  • Vaux Swifts in Rainier Oregon
  • Birds of a Feather Winter Roost Together


See the Vaux's Swifts in Rainier Oregon

Vaux's Swifts are starting to roost in the Riverside Community Church chimney in Rainier. We already had a few readings getting up to 20,000.

Folks wishing to check out this phenomenon for themselves will have the best chance from half an hour before sunset until half an hour after sunset. The southward migration of the swifts from all over the Northwest starts in September, affording us more opportunities to view thousands of them entering the chimney. You can watch them from the lower parking lot accessible from W C St next to Fox Creek.

Check it out and say hi to Carolyn, Juni and Terri.

Vaux's Swifts are back in Rainier, Oregon

Here are some updates for the first May weekend:

Friday: 4220
Saturday: 5790
Sunday: 4040


1900 Vaux’s Swifts roosted Monday, April 26th, night at the Riverside Community Church in Rainier. Check it out an hour before sunset and say Hi to Terri Williams and Carolyn Norred, who are monitoring the chimney. This is the third successive night that swifts have occupied the chimney this month during the northward migration. Tens of thousands more will stop in during the next five or six weeks. And Terri Williams also observed 4 pelicans, and one turkey vulture that passed over.

Birding Classes at LCC (open to all)

Lower Columbia College is offering two bird related classes in the spring of 2021. Classes are open to all and cost a fee that varies with the class.

Beginning Birdwatching class

This class will include one optional field trip to introduce participants to the basics of bird identification and bird watching. It will cover topics such as choosing binoculars, field guides, websites, birding books, software and apps, nearby places to watch birds, birding ethics, and bird feeding. Participants will learn how to identify at least 50 common birds.

Owls of the Northwest class.

This class will discuss some of the fascinating adaptions that owls have that allow them to find prey in the dark and  you will learn about owl biology and natural history and how to identify Northwest Owls.  

Both will be meet over Zoom and are taught by Carlo Abbruzzese. 


Spring 2021 Whistler is online

The Spring 2021 Whistler is available now.

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Read more of its content: 

  • President message: Time for Renewal, Again
  • Membership Form/regional Bird Festival info
  • Wahkiakum CBC Results
  • Leadbetter CBC Results
  • Leave bird feeders down until April 1 to protect birds from salmonellosis
  • 37th Cowlitz-Columbia CBC Results
  • Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey
  • Creating Bird-Friendly Communities - Lights Out





Upcoming Events

Dec 18;
Leadbetter CBC
Dec 28;
Wahkiakum CBC
Jan 01;
Cowlitz Columbia CBC
Feb 18-20;
Winter Wings Festival
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