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Children’s Discovery Museum:  Discovering a Wonderful World

The Children’s Discovery Museum in Longview is currently closed due to COVID-19, but it is maintaining a presence in the community by offering daily links to websites of interest to kids on its Facebook page.

These include short presentations, many of them videos, on birds, plants, animals, chemistry, astronomy, and other science as well as stories, songs, experiments and activities, and travel destinations. For every link that is posted there are many more sites of interest on similar topics. We are putting a link on our WHAS website to these offerings and encourage you to explore further.

Happy surfing!


Winter Raptor Survey Slide Presentation

Check out this slide presentation by Jeff Fleischer of East Cascades Audubon, coordinator of the Winter Raptor Survey Project.  Several members of Willapa Hills help with survey routes in Cathlamet and Puget Island, Grays River, Naselle and Rainier, OR. 

The presentation is packed with information and is a great way to continue birding education during the long winter and while Covid19 keeps us isolated. 


A quarter-million swifts roosted in Rainier!

Hats off to Carolyn Norred and her crew of volunteers! They documented 270,052 Vaux’s Swift “roostings" at Riverside Community Church in Rainier during the southbound migration. The only roost site to beat Rainier was the McNear Brickyard in San Rafael, CA.

Details are below in Larry Schwitters's summary of the count.


Hummingbirds in Slow Motion

Have you ever wondered about Hummingbirds?

Here is a video with over 20 amazing facts, it includes slow motion footage of the bird hover and fly backwards in hd. It would make a great short clip for school nature projects.

Vaux's Swifts in Rainier Oregon

Vaux's Swifts are starting to roost in the Riverside Community Church chimney in Rainier. We already had a few readings getting up to 20,000.

Folks wishing to check out this phenomenon for themselves will have the best chance from half an hour before sunset until half an hour after sunset. The southward migration of the swifts from all over the Northwest starts in September, affording us more opportunities to view thousands of them entering the chimney. You can watch them from the lower parking lot accessible from W C St next to Fox Creek.

Larry Schwitters of Vaux’s Happening recently sent out the rankings for the top 14 roost sites on the flyway for the northbound migration. Rainier's Riverside Community Church ranked second or third in all three categories! Southbound migration usually has far larger numbers -- check it out and say hi to Carolyn and Art.

Fall 2020 Whistler is online

The Fall 2020 Whistler is available now.

Click to Download the pdf


Read more of its content: 

  • President message: Life in the Floodplain
  • Christmas Bird Count dates
  • Membership Form / Regional Bird Festival info
  • Coastal Purple Martin Project Update
  • Board Meetings on Zoom - Members Welcome
  • 2020 Summer Update for the Cowlitz County Bird List
  • Vaux's Swifts are starting to roost in the Riverside Community Church chimney in Rainier
  • Finding a Snipe



Summer 2020 Whistler is online

The Summer 2020 Whistler is available now.


Click to Download the pdf

Read more of its content: 

  • President message: Earth Month
  • Invitation to the Annual Picnic
  • Volunteer with Purple Martin Count and Banding
  • Sharp-shinned Hawk Predator to Hummingbirds
  • WHAS Board Notes/Election Results
  • Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey nets 74
  • Audubon Society Winter Raptor Survey Project
  • Conservation Matters – Chehalis River Dam
  • Richard Louv Article Brings Kids and Parents Together with Nature
  • New species at our farm
  • Spring Migration of Swifts documented at Rainier Church
  • Membership Form
  • Program: Exploring the Waters of the Pacific Northwest

Kids' Activity Pages

By Larry Brandt

We know how bored and upset kids can get at times when their activities are restricted.  Perhaps we have an answer for parents and grandparents caring for grade school kids during the covid-19 pandemic.  We have seven pages of things for kids to do at home. Of course, they are conservation, outdoor and environment related. Hopefully, they will provide your youngsters with hours of entertainment.  

All pages were developed by Suzy Whittey, a long-time member of Willapa Hills Audubon. Each comes as a .pdf file that you can open (and download) by clicking the image. Then just print them and you are set.



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