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WHAS Sponsors a Nature Library

Willapa Hills Audubon Society has kindly agreed to sponsor the Fallen Leaf Nature Library. It is a collection of approximately 700 used books and 100 VHS videos on natural history and environmental education, which we hope to make available to Longview/Kelso families and teachers for circulation. These general interest books and videos, donated by Ann and David Cordero, Marie Fernandez, Sherry Evans, Lynn Smith, Gloria Nichols and others, would be available to anyone free of charge for a month or longer to stimulate an interest in the natural world and promote literacy. Volunteer staff could provide
simple interpretation such as touch tables, exhibits, displays, story times, demonstrations and experiments, homework help, or preparation for the Science Olympiad—any nature activity they choose to lead in the space where the library resides.

That is the key: where will we put this library? Lower Columbia College has approved the use of the McLaughlin Community Resource Center in the Health and Science Building for the nature library! LCC has been very gracious about this prospect, saying that it is the kind of thing for which the room
was intended and that this will be a mutually beneficial relationship to be continued as long as it works for both parties and which can be terminated by either party.

Does this sound like fun?  You can help make this happen! We will need volunteers (as much or as little time as you like) and ideas for interpretive activities.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.at  (360) 577-8626. We will also take donations of books, videos, and natural objects when we have a space—my dad’s garage is pretty full right now! And we will need you to tell your friends and family to visit the nature library.

Together we can provide a new community resource for children, books to supplement classroom lessons, interaction between people with natural history interests, and better visibility for WHAS.

Call for Citizen Scientists!

Black-bellied Plover - Image by Mick Thompson

Audubon Washington's new citizen-science project is looking for volunteers! Participate in a regional volunteer monitoring effort, learn about coastal ecology, meet like-minded community members, and spend time near the water!

WHAT: Observe intertidal habitat use of waterbirds

WHO: Be part of a team of scientists including the University of Washington (UW), NOAA Fisheries (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), and Washington State Department of Natural Resources (WA DNR)

WHEN: Waterbird surveys will be conducted monthly during low tides, recording the abundance and behavior of birds in vegetated and unvegetated patches. Surveys will occur from mid-March through September 2016.

WHERE: Shore-based surveys of intertidal habitats will occur at fixed sites around Puget Sound and in Willapa Bay.

Read more: Call for Citizen Scientists!

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Varied Thrush

Have some fun this winter counting birds at your outdoor feeder—and at the same time aid important world-wide scientific research.  The Great Backyard Bird Count, hosted by The Cornell Lab, Audubon and Bird Studies Canada, will take place on February 12-15 2016.

This is a fun way to stay connected to the outdoors on cold, wet winter days while staying dry and warm in your kitchen.  It's a super way to get kids involved in nature activities and science!

Just count birds for at least 15 minutes on one or more days of the GBBC.  If you have never participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count before, you must get started by registering at  http://gbbc.birdcount.org/get-started/  All the information you will need is available through the same web page.  A valuable app, called eBird,  is also available that helps with identifying birds and uploading your results—but this is not a required item to participate.  Just create an account, read the instructions and start watching birds.  Report your count back to the web site.

You can receive additional help by contacting Larry Brandt, Science Committee Chair, Willapa Hills Audubon Society - email or 360-200-4580.

Winter 2015 Whistler is online

Click to Download the pdfThe Winter 2015 Whistler is available now.


Read more of its content: 

  •  Revitalizing WHAS - Invitation to an important board meeting
  •  Annual Lake Sacajawea Walk & Social
  •  Membership Form
  •  Olympic Birdfest, Winter Wings Festival, Great North Central Washington Bird Race
  • Christmas Bird Count details
  • Sharnelle Fee, 1947-2015
  • Highlights of Audubon Council of Washington (ACOW)
  • Conservation Committee Efforts
  • Highlights of WSACC Meeting
  • Crossing Path with Washington’s Wildlife - Birdbaths
  • WHAS Nomination  form
  • Book Review: Fastest Thing On Wings
  • Programs and Fieldtrips 



Fall 2015 Whistler is online

Click to Download the pdfThe Fall 2015 Whistler is available now.


Read more of its content:

  • Lower Columbia Interpretive Center Bird Exhibit
  • Membership Form
  • Ridgefield Birdfest and Bluegrass
  • Okanogan Trip – Spring 2015
  • Unusual American Goldfinches
  • Loss of Forest Snags in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest
  • WHAS partners with Lower Columbia School Gardens
  • Marbled Murrelet updates
  • Audubon Birds and Climate Change Report
  • Programs and Fieldtrips




Summer 2015 Whistler is online

Click to Download the pdfThe Summer 2015 Whistler is available now.


Read more of its content:

  • Invitation to the Annual Picnic for Members and Friends on Sunday July 26
  • Become the Leader for the Leadbetter Christmas Bird Count
  • Membership Form
  • Lake Sacajawea - Family Friendly in a BIG way
  • Book Review: The Thing with Feathers
  • Black Phoebe's at Julia Butler-Hanson Refuge
  • Program and Field Trips




An Egrets Frustration

Image by Keith Ikerd

This Egret caught this bull frog several times, but it was too big, and eventually it walked away from it.

Image by Keith Ikerd


Spring 2015 Whistler is online

Click to Download the pdfThe Spring 2015 Whistler is available now.


Read more of its content:

  • Annual Membership Dinner and Meeting coming March 29
  • Larry Schwitters to speak on Vaux’s Swift Migration
  • A Message to Our National Members
  • Membership Form
  • Birding related events
  • 2014 CBC Recap
  • Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey
  • WHAS Bird Box Workshop w. LCSG
  • Bald Eagles nest by Lewis & Clark Bridge
  • EarthDay Volunteers
  • New Ideas on Bird Phylogeny
  • Primal Warblings
  • A Week in Browns Canyon
  • Field Trips and Programs




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