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Cowlitz PUD Osprey Cam


The Cowlitz PUD Osprey cam is finally live again. This year they added a second camera with live audio. There are 3 eggs now.

See the videos on YouTube: Camera one has a view from above, and camera two from the side with the audio. 


Spring 2019 Whistler is online

The Spring 2019 Whistler is available now.


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Read more of its content: 

  • Join us for the 2019 Willapa Hills Annual Meeting Banquet
  • Photographer and Shorebird Expert Featured At Annual Meeting Banquet
  • President Message: One Last Lecture - An Elder’s View
  • Membership Form
  • NW Birding Events
  • All the detailed results of the local Christmas Bird Count’s
  • Upon logging my 40th Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey
  • Trinidad and Tobago Comes to Kelso: Rich Birding on the Caribbean Island
  • Shorebird Identification Class and Walk
  • Board Notes
  • Final Cowlitz County Bird List for 2018
  • WHAS February Field trip review to Billy Frank Nisqually Nat'l Wildlife Refuge
  • April Field Trip for Spring Migration at Julia Butler Hansen National Wildlife Refuge
  • May Field Trip to Nisqually Forest Loop

Winter 2018/19 Whistler is online

The Winter 2018/19 Whistler is available now.


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  • Cusp of Spring Field Trip to Nisqually Refuge
  • Long Beach CBC needs new coordinator for 2019
  • President Message: Winging It
  • Membership Form
  • NW Birding Events
  • All the details about local Christmas Bird Count’s
  • Should winter bird feeding include hummingbirds?
  • Slurping of Trumpeter Swans
  • Programs and Fieldtrips


Thayer birding software available free for young birder

As of now any young birder in school will be able to download the new version 7.7 of Thayer’s Birds of North America at NO COST. All others still need to buy the regular version. Thayer Birding Software founder, Peter W. Thayer, decided that this would be the perfect way to celebrate his 70th birthday.

You can get the software by using a Young Birder code, in our case use WillapaHillsAudubonYoungBirder where it asks for the promo code. Though be warned: The software package is huge, about 7.5GB and it will take a while to download depending on your internet connection.

Get the software at www.thayerbirding.com 

Fall 2018 Whistler is online

The Fall 2018 Whistler is available now.


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  • Program: Birding Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  • Save the 2018 Christmas Bird Count Dates
  • Presidents Message: Where the Birds Roost
  • Membership Form
  • NW Birding Events
  • The Marbled Murrelets Need You This Fall
  • 2018 Cowlitz County Bird List update
  • Yellow-breasted Chat Song
  • Hannah Cargill builds artificial chimney for Vaux's Swifts
  • Programs and Field Trips


Summer 2018 Whistler is online

The Summer 2018 Whistler is available now.


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  • Summer Picnic invitation
  • Presidents Message: In the Verge
  • Membership Form
  • NW Birding Events
  • Photographic Transformation of a Harris’s Sparrow
  • Birding Adventures in the Palms
  • Children’s Discovery Museum: We’ve Got Our Wings
  • WHAS Takes Position on Columbia River BiOp and HB 3144
  • Skookumchuck Wind Turbine Project
  • WHAS Booth at Earthday 2018 Recap
  • Board Notes and Updates
  • Programs and Fieldtrips


Midwinter Survey Turns up 26 Eagles

By Darrel Whipple

Looking for a little white dot on a forested hillside...

Pretty soon you get good at that, especially if you are lucky to be counting eagles with Steve Hemenway of Castle Rock.

Steve and I conducted WHAS's Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey on Monday, February 5, 2018, from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm. The survey covers two latitude-longitude blocks along the Cowlitz and Columbia rivers, originally assigned to WHAS as part of a nationwide study of eagle populations that ran from 1979 to 1989, coordinated by the National Wildlife Federation.

But, what the heck! Why quit a perfectly good survey? Right?

So, here I am with my umpteenth Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey on the same .............. 120-mile vehicle route, which basically covers the territory between Longview and the I-5 bridge over the Cowlitz in the morning, and the area from the Port of Kalama to Longview in the afternoon.

Despite the lackluster smelt run that is just barely waking up the sea lions on the docks at Astoria, and not yet appearing in the Cowlitz, we sighted a survey record of 26 Bald Eagles. We had 21 adults and five sub-adults. (The north block yielded 17 eagles and the south block had nine.)

That's a welcome result considering that our 1979 survey turned up just one eagle -- one adult near the I-5 bridge over the Cowlitz.

In addition to the 26 eagles, we checked off 43 other bird species, including 12 Red-tailed Hawks, a Cooper's Hawk, Kestrel, Northern Harrier, Western Meadowlark and Horned Grebe. We found only one Great Blue Heron: what's up with that?

Spring 2018 Whistler is online

The Spring 2018 Whistler is available now.


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Read more of its content: 

  • Annual Banquet Set for March 23
  • Program: Up in the Wild Gifford Pinchot: Butterflies, Bigfoot, and What We Leave Behind with Robert Michael Pyle
  • 2018 Election for WHAS Board of Directors
  • Membership Form
  • NW Birding Events
  • Christmas Bird Count Results
  • Conservation Update
  • WHAS Celebrates One Year with the Children’s Discovery Museum
  • Report on Climate Lobby Day
  • Midwinter Survey turns up 26 Eagles
  • Prevent Mining at Mount St. Helens
  • Programs and Fieldtrips



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