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November / December 2010 Whistler is online

Whistler coverThe November / December 2010 Whistler
is available now.

Some of its content:

  • New Movie Series, Live Bird Program
  • WHAS Bird Calendar for Sale
  • WHAS Five Year Plan;
  • Christmas Bird Count Overview
  • Status of Washington State Audubon;
  • Recent Fieldtrip Report (Woodland)
  • Book Review: The Owl Papers;
  • Backyard Birding Lists
  • WHAS Programs and Field Trips


Apps for Smartphone Users

Picture of the iBird app


Do you have an iPhone or Android based phone?

The Seattle Times has an article introducing different apps for outdoor use.

It includes reviews of

  • iBird Explorer (Western),
  • Audubon Wildflowers,
  • Scats and Tracks,
  • Starwalks (Nightsky),
  • M-Hikes and a
  • National Park Tour guide.

Check it out here.

Could Vaux's swifts migratory birds be next on endangered species list?

Vaux's swifts are considered an indicator species for the health of old growth forests, where they naturally roost. The dark-brown birds have nearly white throats and chests, and named for the 19th century scientist, William S. Vaux (pronounced vawks). Because of their foot structure, they can't perch. They spend daylight hours in flight, consuming insects. At night, they cling inside snags or chimneys that protect them from hawks, owls and other predators.

Some biologists fear they are in decline, says Mary Coolidge, assistant conservation director at the Portland Audubon Society. "But historical data have been too scant to say for sure."  A group of volunteer bird counters are trying to fix that.

200 volunteers from Canada to Mexico gather information for an Audubon Society project started in 2008. Data is compiled at www.vauxhappening.org. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Progressive Animal Welfare Society, the Monroe School District and Washington Tweeters, a birding online list, contribute to the project.

Click here to read more about the project on The Oregonian website.

September / October 2010 Whistler is online

The September / OctoberClick to download the pdf 2010 Whistler
is available now.


Some of its content:


- Wahkiakum County Fair
- Impressions from the annually picnic
- Call for input to establish goals for next years
- Book Review
- Update on American Kestrel for WHAS wildlife collection

Friends of Fox Creek receives grant to improve fish habitat

Friends of Fox Creek, an all volunteer organization with whom WHAS has partnered on projects, has been awarded a $46,000 grant from Oregon Fish and Wildlife to improve Fox Creek fish habitat by adding large, woody debris.  Read more here about the efforts in Rainier, OR.


Check out this PBS Nature Video about Hummingbirds.

July / August 2010 Whistler is online

Click to downloadThe July / August 2010 Whistler is available now.


Some of its content:

- WHAS Anual Picnic Invitation
- Member Form and WHAS News
- Bye Bye Northern Star’s Bradwood…
- Birding Bits; Field Trip Report
- Nelson Creek Report, Book Review: Birdology
- Avian Bird Signs Featured on Walk; Beware of Vampires
- Book Review: An Eagle named Freedom; Upcoming Events
- WHAS Programs: Other upcoming events

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