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Free tree seedlings available

Again this year Willapa Hills Audubon is partnering with The Carbon Capture Foundation (TCCF) to provide tree seedlings: Douglas fir, western red cedar, red alder and black cottonwood; up to 240 seedlings per household per year (perhaps more by special arrangement).

The seedlings are provided by TCCF and are free to WHAS members and their family, friends, and neighbors. The one basic limitation is that the seedlings are not to be used to replant recently logged areas or for commercial Christmas trees.  The idea is to plant native trees to tie up carbon and provide habitat for birds.  But of course trees do far more than this.  In the process the trees would benefit you and your property.  The property owners would plant the trees and provide necessary care for the first couple of years while the seedlings become established.

WE NEED TO GET OUR TREE REQUESTS INTO TCCF BY AUGUST 31 so the trees can be ordered from the nurseries. The trees may be planted this coming winter, December through March.  Please feel free to share the program information with any property owners you know who may be interested.  

Forester John Gross from WHAS will be acting as the liaison between those interested in ordering trees and TCCF.  John may also be able to assist interested persons with information on where and how to plant, tree protectors to protect the seedlings from mice, deer, etc. and the like.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for ordering trees and/or if you have any questions about the program.


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