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Cowlitz County Bird List (August update)

Townsend Solitaire - Image WDFWRuss Koppendrayer just updated the 2012 Cowlitz County Yearlist:

"We continue to chip away at the yearlist, making a few additions here and there. I just did a check and we only have one species available in the yellow code (Townsend's Solitaire) and none in the blue or green codes. This means that all further additions will be species that occur in Cowlitz County less than annually.

Still at 196 species we have a good shot at breaking last year's record of 203.

Let's get out there and find some unusual fall migrants."

For more information contact Russ Koppendrayer through our Wildlife Sightings area, where you can find this list (and others) as a pdf file.

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