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Barred Owls Camp Out in Longview Yard

The Gurnsey family live just outside of Longview in a country setting with a tree-filled backyard. 
On May 30, Craig Gurnsey was sitting in his den when he heard a scratching noise coming from his deck.  He went to the deck to investigate and was surprised to see a baby barred owl.

He quickly grabbed his camera and caught some great shots. 
The photo session was interrupted by his son's holler, warning him of the mother swooping down for an attack on the "threat" to her young one.  Craig ducked inside in the nick of time to escape her sharp talons.  The mother eventually came to trust the family and unfazed, brought rats and other rodents to the owlet which became known to the family as Furby.
He remained on the Gurnsey's deck for several days before hopping off and into the woods.  Except for the need to haul of remnants of carcasses, the family enjoyed their experience with the owl family and feel privileged to have them in their lives for a short time. 
Craig graciously provided the photos and story to WHAS for sharing.