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2021 Cowlitz County Bird List - Final

Red-throated Loon - Image courtesy of wikimedia
Red-throated Loon - Image courtesy of Wikipedia

By Russ Koppendrayer

As usual the last two months of the year didn't add many species to our Cowlitz County year list. The three additions included a Ring-necked Pheasant in November. This species seems to be getting more difficult to find each year and my take is that they are no longer successfully breeding in the county and we are only finding them after WDFW does their fall release in the Woodland Bottoms for the hunters. Also found were Red-throated Loon and Pacific Loon which are both not quite annual in the county. Amazingly they were both seen in the Columbia River at the mouth of the Kalama River on the late date of December 29.

Our final species list of 204 is above average, but short of our all time best record of 209 species set in 2020. The only species completely new to the list was Great Gray Owl. We did not have any misses for species that are expected annually. 

As of this writing we are already getting going on our 2022 list. Enjoy the birding in 2022.

Download the pdf here.