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Help the birds - vote for Audubon

The American Express Members Project is offering Audubon a special grant for its conservation efforts. National Audubon needs your help and that of your friends to secure the votes needed to qualify. Start by clicking the picture to register. Then, vote for Audubon today and once a week through August 21.

The top vote-getting group in each category of this  effort will receive a $200,000 donation for its work. So tell your friends and family to vote too! It will take only a few clicks to make a difference.

Since the Gulf disaster occurred, Audubon has been recruiting and coordinating volunteers to assist in the emergency response and to provide the citizen science monitoring vital to long term recovery across the region. The efforts are expanding with the impending launch of a Volunteer Response Center in Mississippi . Audubon's policy team is playing an important role in securing urgent federal funding and assistance. Just last week they helped draft key Senate amendments to speed the distribution of previously appropriated coastal restoration money and to authorize the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to use dredged material from Gulf waterways to mitigate disaster impacts. Audubon's science team is working with other experts to develop and implement protocols for measuring and addressing the spill's impact on birds and habitat. Chapters and Centers are fully engaged and on-the-ground experts have been essential in helping the media and the public to understand the immediate and long term consequences of the spill. Audubon has been working on the Gulf Coast for decades and will be there to ensure the protection and restoration of its resources for the good of birds, wildlife and human communities long after the headlines fade.

So please, alert all your constituents with print and online materials. Urge them to visit http://www.takepart.com/membersproject/vote and vote for Audubon to receive special finding for this vital work. It will take only a few clicks to make a difference.

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