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Action Alert:  Oppose Mining at Mt. St. Helens

To learn about the Goat Mountain area that would be affected by Ascot Resources’ proposed mine, watch this video:

Because of current mining laws, once a company can show a mine’s economic viability, it is very difficult to stop a mine on federal land. NOW is the time for you to act.

Go to this link https://cascadeforest.org/get-involved/action-item-2/ and sign the petition against the mine.  

To learn more about the work of Cascade Forest Conservancy, the sponsor of this petition, go to https://cascadeforest.org/our-work/mining/

Approval of this mining project would set terrible precedents. The mining lease area borders a national monument, and the land was bought with Land and Conservation Fund dollars for outdoor recreation and conservation.

This mine would destroy beautiful Goat Mountain and the recreation that is enjoyed there by hikers, fishers, horse-riders and hunters. 

The mine could have wider effects in the immediate area. It could potentially contaminate and reduce groundwater levels and dewater popular lakes and streams.

Mining development could also result in acid mine drainage (AMD), leaching sulfuric acid and other highly toxic heavy metals into surrounding water bodies for generations. The sulfide ores in small mines in the area from the beginning of the 20th century have already begun creating small amounts of AMD. But a large mine, whether underground or pit, could leak huge amounts of AMD into the Green River.

The Green River is upstream of the Toutle River and then the Cowlitz River, which serves as a source of clean drinking water for the cities of Kelso, Toutle and Castle Rock.

The Green River is also a state-designated wild steelhead gene bank that provides important habitat for salmon and steelhead populations. It is proposed for national protection as a Wild and Scenic River.

Slow, constant leak of AMD, a mining accident, or a tailings pond breach would all be horrific for wildlife in the Green River and downstream communities.

For all these reasons, please sign the petition. 


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