WHAS members John and Margaret Green featured in The Chronicle

The Chronicle article featuring the Greens

Here is some great info on birding in our local Cowlitz and Columbia Counties thanks to Willapa Hills Audubon members Margaret and John Green, which were recently interviewed by the St. Helens Chronicle.

"We've had some ducks come into the lake here and people from all over Washington come to see this," said John Green, a long time birder and member of the Willapa Hills Audubon Society. Green and his wife, Margaret, live just across the street from Lake Sacajawea in Longview. The 30-acre park offers some of the best opportunities to get involved in bird watching. "Last year we had a bird that was rare for our area, for our county, and we'd go out and walk the lake and I would run into somebody from Seattle who had come down and hey'd ask where it is," said Margaret.

For more see the article in The Chronicle.

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