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Vaux's Swifts have been seen in Rainier, OR

Linda Jennings reported that on Saturday, August 13, 259 Vaux's Swifts roosted in the chimney of Carpet One in Rainier, across highway 30 from the City Hall. And on Monday, August 15, she counted 374 using the chimney.

People wishing to check out this phenomenon for themselves will have the best chance from half an hour before sunset until half an hour after sunset. (The southward migration of the swifts from all over the Northwest usually starts in September, affording us more opportunities to view hundreds of them entering the chimney.) You can park along Highway 30 or along A Street, or in parking lots nearby.

 If you have questions or info to share you may call Darrel Whipple at 503-556-9838, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Linda. 

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