Willapa Hills Audubon Society is pleased to announce our public program for April 2017.  With so many opportunities in our state for birding, hunting, fishing, photography and just getting outdoors, it is critical that we have someone to watch out for the rich fauna that we all enjoy.  Make plans to attend this free program and learn how you can help protect our beloved natural resources.  

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Program and Agency has a strong desire to expand citizen awareness and to invite active public involvement and participation.  They are offering an opportunity to be part of an alliance that has a positive influence on conservation, the outdoor heritage, public safety, and the state's natural resource based communities.

WDFW is calling that opportunity a Shared Values Alliance.  This alliance forms an open line of communication to identify existing and potential problems facing our natural resources and the communities that are impacted by them. This open communication line allows for constructive problem solving and discussion, to achieve positive results for forward progress. This project-oriented approach ensures that Fish and Wildlife Police Officers and the Agency are connected with changing public and resource-based industries' values and needs. We welcome the opportunity to engage with local chapters to provide awareness, listen to your ideas, and encourage active participation within this statewide conservation endeavor.

Mike Cenci is the Deputy Chief of Washington Fish and Wildlife Police and oversees land and marine patrol operations. He has been with the agency for three decades - 27 of those years in natural resources law enforcement. One of his responsibilities is supervision of the Statewide Investigative Unit, which focuses on large-scale natural resource crime and illegal trafficking. He also worked as a Deputy Sheriff in a rural County, and U.S. Special Agent with NOAA Fisheries.

Becky McRoberts is the Community Outreach Liaison with the Washington Fish and Wildlife Police. Becky wears many hats, but her main mission is to connect with local communities through the formation of a Shared Values Alliance. She has held several community outreach positions in the past, focused on both agriculture and natural resources in Oregon, California, and Michigan.

Please join us on Wednesday, April 19 from 7:00 pm until 8:00 pm in Lecture Room HSB 101 on the campus of Lower Columbia College.  HSB 101 is the round building across the street from the Longview Public Library.  A Question and Answer session will follow the presentation.  Reservations are not required and the program is free to the public. 

For more information call:  Larry Brandt (360) 200-4580.