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Spider workshop October 2008

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2019 Cowlitz County Bird List - February Update

Western Bluebird at Woodland Bottoms in February 2019 - Image by Terry Anderson
Western Bluebird at Woodland Bottoms in February 2019 - Image by Terry Anderson

What a month we had in February for weather, as we're just not used to it being that cold for such a prolonged time. The snow in the foothills kept birders out of locations with much elevation, and the cold in the lower flood plain areas didn't get us out in those spots as much as usual either.

Still, we enjoyed the greater than usual abundance of Varied Thrush at low elevation where they were pushed by the snow cover in their more typical haunts. We also had a couple flocks of Western Bluebirds found, one each at the south and north edges of Cowlitz County in mid month, just a bit earlier than usual for this early migrant species. One group was in the Woodland Bottoms and the second along the Cowlitz River right at the Lewis County line.

Could these birds have been easier for us to find as they may sometimes use tree farm clear cuts at slightly higher elevations for migration stops and been pushed lower by the snow cover? Birding is always interesting even in spite of the inclement weather.

Many thanks to Terry Anderson for providing the attached photo of one of the Western Bluebirds seen in the Woodland Bottoms on 2/9/19.

Download the pdf here.

Trinidad and Tobago Comes to Longview: Rich Birding on the Caribbean Island

Updated with location information!

Mark your calendars. On Monday, May 20, 2019, Martyn Kenefick will give a presentation on birding in Trinidad & Tobago, the twin-island nation that lies in the Caribbean just north of Venezuela.

Kenefick will appear  at 7 PM, May 20 at the Longview Women’s Club, 835 21st Ave. The program is free and open to the public. 

Home to 482 species of birds, 68 different bats,  45 snakes, 50 spiders, 30 frogs and toads, 120 Dragonflies, 765 butterflies and close to 3,500 moths; the islands are an introduction to the natural history of South America. Get a great taste of tropical birding in Trinidad’s high mountain rain forests, sandy beaches and mangrove swamps, as well as on Tobago’s seabird nesting islands and large protected preserves.

Martyn Kenefick has been an avid birder since his early teens, and moved to Trinidad in 1999. He spent 15 years as a birding tour guide and is an author of the Birds of Trinidad & Tobago Field Guide. He joined the board of the non-profit Asa Wright Nature Centre in 2015 and is now chair of the Conservation & Education Committee.

Whether you are a birder or not, join Willapa Hills on this tropical adventure.