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Open house in Long Beach: "Flocking Together - Learn How Citizen Science Counts"

The Willapa Hills Audubon Society is excited to announce the first of many more programs in Pacific County.

COASST LogoJoin us for an open house on Saturday, December 07, 2013, from 01:30pm - 03:30pm. During that time COASST will offer two 20min programs/classes titled “Flocking Together: Learn How Citizen Science Counts” at the rear lower level of the Long Beach Grange at 5715 Sandridge Road.

COASST works with citizens to collect, identify, and count birds that have died and been washed up on beaches in Washington State and other states.

From their mission: “COASST is a citizen science project of the University of Washington in partnership with state, tribal and federal agencies, environmental organizations, and community groups… By collaborating with citizens, natural resource management agencies and environmental organizations, COASST works to translate long-term monitoring into effective marine conservation solutions. “

There will also be information about the many citizen science projects that involve counting live birds. Before and after the COASST presentation there will be information tables to explain the different missions of Willapa Hills Audubon Society, Shoalwater Birders, Grays Harbor Audubon Society, and Friends of Willapa National Refuge.

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