Leadbetter Point

Leadbetter State Park Restoration

The joint project of Grays Harbor Audubon and our chapter to support habitat restoration for coastal western snowy plovers and streaked horned larks at Leadbetter State Park has received funding for one additional year.  Part of our funds will allow us to hire briefly the Audubon biologist, Don McIvor, to give input to this project.

At the end of May a group of volunteers,  Alan Richards, Tom Finn and Randy Robinson,  joined WDFW biologist Kathy Gunther  to survey the 10 plots in the dunes which constitute this Habitat Restoration Area, and then to ride with her onto the beach of the Willapa Refuge to see a total of 10 adult snowy plovers and 3 chicks.

We will join Kathy for one more survey, and then do a few more on our own. Also in late July we will join WDFW biologist Dave Hays to do some vegetation monitoring.

If you are interested in joining us for any of this, or know someone who might be, please contact Ann Muschè at 360-484-7119.

Snowy Plover / Horned Lark Project

The two year period covered by our joint chapter grant (with Grays Harbor Audubon) which supported Leadbetter Point habitat restoration volunteer efforts, has ended.  But in a last-minute surprise, Lynn Tennefoss of National Audubon generously intervened on our behalf and arranged that we may continue the project.  Funding will continue, perhaps for as long as another two years.

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Leadbetter Habitat Restoration Area (LHRA)

Strenuous walking through sand, extremely early starts requiring alarm clocks to jangle at times like 3 a.m., and many hours of mist, rain and wind were rewarded with occasional alternate hours of glorious sun and views of pelicans, eagles, peregrine falcons, and a variety of shorebirds.  Some of us were lucky enough to see Snowy Plovers, both adults and young fluff balls, north of the restoration area in the federal refuge.

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