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Harbingers of Spring; Wood Ducks return to Lake Sacajawea

Wood duck pair (USFWS) On February 28, the first pair of Wood Ducks was seen on Lake Sacajawea in Longview.

We hope these ducks will nest in one of the duck boxes recently placed on the Lake. On February 12 and just in time for breeding season, Bob Arnsdorf and John Green put up new boxes and refurbished two old ones.

Three new were placed on the north island near Ocean Beach Hwy, and the 2 old boxes on that island were cleaned and repaired. On the south island, Bob and John placed 2 new boxes; they left the remaining old box which contained an enormous bee hive. There are now a total of seven duck boxes on the lake to accommodate the new Wood Duck families.

Wood Ducks are not the only signs of spring. Have you noticed the American Robins singing in the mornings? Spring is just around the corner.

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